Saturday, December 5, 2009

Faculty Art Exhibit & East Austin Studio Tour

November, 2009
I displayed two paintings in our faculty art exhibit this year. We again chose the HIDEOUT Coffee House, co-owned by a fellow art teacher, as our venue. Somehow I manage to get on this committee every year and enjoy putting the show together. Jean Caffein, newly returned to our ranks, performed for the event. I also bought two wonderful paintings from another art teacher, Eric Cannon. Living Tree #1 & #2, pen and ink with ink washes and prismacolors . I hope to get a photograph so I can post them here. I rarely buy art, but I couldn't live without these...

Our small group of neighborhood artists (16 all together) joined the ranks of E.A.S.T. this year (East Austin Studio Tour). Artist studios were open to the public for two weekends. Carol, across the street, opened her huge back space (3 households of Kents, fences down, large deck space and covered galleries, fire pit, stage with live music...much food and drink) for an eventful affair for all. We all had a marvelous time, though not much art was sold. These days, only smaller inexpensive items seemed to be attractive; cards, baubles and the like.

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