Saturday, May 1, 2010

Story of the "KELPIE and the PRINCESS"

I have just finished two sessions of CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATION, with Mark Mitchell Fantastic workshops!!! I completed a dummy book (almost) and four color illustrations. This is the princess lamenting the loss of her brother, stolen away by the KELPIE, a Scottish sea monster, part horse and part fish, but also able to shape-shift.
Here is the princess being consoled by a stranger to whom she tells the story...
...of her dear brother and his six friends being seduced to ride a beautiful horse...really the KELPIE in disguise!
She falls in love with the stranger, but discovers that he is also the KELPIE in disguise!! He is revealed when inadvertently falling asleep and shifts back into his true self. Luckily she gets away! The KELPIE is so distraught to lose his love, and for her sake, returns the boys safe and sound.

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