Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More catching up

Fiber pieces from 2014, entered into the AISD Faculty Art Exhibit that year. The pieces were painted and embroidered onto vintage linens (I think they might have been dish-cloths). The larger piece also has silk and real leaves sewn on (sorry for the glass glare). The pieces had to  do with greed of the rich and the beauty of the innocent.

Catching Up

Catching up: A few more paintings from the show in Columbus, FIVE years ago? My, my...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Green Man Awakes

My latest set of paintings, with the theme of the Green Man, will be exhibited in Columbus, Texas this September, at the Live Oak Art Center.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Norwegian Folk Tales

A captured princess with the sleeping troll

The Seven Swans

The Goose Girl


The ancient Irish Goddess Brigid ruled over smith craft, healing, poetry and whistling. She had an ever burning sacred fire, and the sisters of a later St. Brigid still tend that same fire along with her holy well. She was queen of heaven, her symbol, the holy dove.

This illustration is painted and embroidered fabric.

Celtic Tale of Finn MacCool and Sava

Finn was a great hero of Celtic tales. He came to protect an enchanted fairy maiden from an evil Sorcerer who had changed her into a fawn. When Sava was with Finn, the Sorcerer had no power over her. Finn fell in love with Sava and they were married. Their child, Oison, became a brave champion as well as a poet and story teller.

Flying Children

Peter Pan, the lost boy who never grew up. Dream land, Never-Never land, the place even grown-ups go in their sleep and fantasies.