Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer of 2009 began with a project started around Spring Break. "WISH SHINGLES". The idea beginning with the "visioning" idea and get togethers with friends bemoaning the state of the world and lack of cultural community. We should all be a ten minute walk from our nearest pub, coffee space, cafe or village hall. Only in other countries older than ours does this exsist, as the U.S. was mostly designed with the automobile in mind. And so we talked of such spaces. I came up with the idea of making signs or shingles that could be portable and would accomodate community space where ever we were. I cannot seem to fathom an antidote to the delema of the automobile. We are all addicted. Unfortunately. Howie and I have placed this GREENMAN (who represents everything we long for) sign on our front porch and host a regular happy hour every Friday evening...

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